Comprehensive website SEO report

Comprehensive website SEO report

Chris R
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I'll produce for you a comprehensive SEO report and video with actions that aim to improve your search position and ranking against competitors.

Download a SEO sample report to see what's included.
(Private data and recommendations have been removed)

What's included:

  • A list of the actions covering 35 areas that have an affect on your site’s SEO, speed and usability
  • A 60 minute video call on how to implement my recommendations
  • Analysis of your site traffic
  • Your position in Google search and what keywords you rank for
  • What other websites are helping your rank (and which aren’t)
  • Your site speed and how to make it faster
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly observations
  • Social media recommendations that improve SEO
  • A competitive analysis so you know who you’re up against
  • Local search observations


What's NOT included:

  • Remedial work to your site to fix highlighted issues