Create social and web content for your Marketing

Create social and web content for your Marketing

Clare H
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I can create, shape and deliver your marketing material for you.

Whether that is:
  • creating optimised web landing pages,
  • keeping your social media channels active,
  • or even filming your client case studies;

there's not much that I won't be able to help you with. 

I can be a one stop shop to keep your content strategy in motion and enable you to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can book my time in half or full day slots when you need me or make it a regular thing each month. It's totally up to you.

Once you purchase my time I'll email you within one working day to find to what you need me to do.


Some of the things I can help with:

  • Tailored content strategy 
  • Co-ordinate blog content
  • Create & schedule e-campaigns
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Optimise web landing pages 
  • Co-ordinatie & brief designers
  • Edit provided footage 
  • Film product videos
  • Film knowledge sharing videos
  • Film customer testimonials
  • Create promotional adverts
  • Create moving image banners
  • Create animated GIFs
  • Edit podcasts


What's included:

  • A briefing call or email (taken from your purchased time)
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Posting to your social media channels
  • Creating graphics content
  • Editing videos
  • On site filming
  • Creating and editing web pages


What's NOT included:

  • Travel costs
  • Additional costs for stock photography or music
  • Spending more time than you have purchased